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The following are a collection of ‘frequently asked questions’. Just click the question to expand and read the answer. Should you have a question or enquiry that is not adequately answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Rammed earth is a precisely controlled mixture of gravel, clay, sand, cement and sometimes lime or chemical admixtures which is carefully proportioned, mixed to the correct moisture content, and then machine-compacted in removable formwork to yield a dense, hard, stone-like wall.
Our successfully completed projects throughout Australia include houses, home units, wineries, chalets, hotels and motels, tourist resorts, studios, taverns, schools, and a cathedral. As well as being structural and predominant walls for almost any building, Ramtec walls can also be used as retaining walls, boundary fences, floors, fireplaces, and feature walls.
Besides their striking beauty and characteristic deep reveals, rammed earth walls have outstanding thermal and acoustic benefits. They have an ideal thermal transmittance (U-factor) and density or thermal storage (known as the “thermal flywheel” effect). This unique combination of properties creates a high thermal mass building, which evens out day/night temperature fluctuations and forms a comfortable building in which to live all year round.
No, quite the opposite. Ramtec walls have good sound-absorbing characteristics and can be built to have very high sound attenuiation (up to STC 57) which inhibits noise transfer between rooms extremely effectively. Common sound reverberation levels are simply not present in our buildings and visitors usually remark on the tranquil ambience of our Clients homes.